The first session is $70.00 for an hour. Should we decide that counselling  with me will be of value, ongoing sessions are charged for at $90.00 for a 50 minute session. These fees are payable by EFT before the session, or by cash at the time of the session. 

Skype / Facebook Messenger sessions cost $50 for the first session of 65 minutes, and $70.00 for ongoing sessions of 55 minutes each.  These fees are payable BEFORE each session. 

I meet with clients for anything between 2 sessions and 2 years, depending upon what you  require and at what point counselling becomes superfluous. An average number of sessions is seven to eight..

PLEASE NOTE: I am a counsellor and psychotherapist, not a psychologist, so no medicare rebate is currently available for sessions. If you do have a Mental Health Treatment Plan from a GP, it may make financial sense to have your initial ten sessions with a psychologist (depending on what the psychologist charges), because of the medicare rebate.  Thereafter, if you want to continue seeing someone on a longer term basis, it is usually cheaper to see a counsellor. 


Medicare rebates are claimable for many conditions with a GP Mental Health Care Plan

Assessment fees are inclusive of feedback (one hour), reports and case conferencing with teachers and other allied health or medical professionals.

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Looking to give someone else you care about an unusual and meaningful gift? Give that person the opportunity to be truly and deeply heard, and the time  to get more in touch with their thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations.  If you know someone who would appreciatesuch a gift you can order an hour's session for them by calling or emailing us. Once you have purchased a gift session we'll snail mail you a gift card. Your giftee then calls us to set up a time and location that works for them. Many people are surprised by what emerges in such sessions,  and by the sense of lightness that comes with unburdening themselves.