"Out beyond ideas of wrong and right,
there is a field. 
I will meet you there."
Jalal al-Din Rumi

Counselling is primarily a partnership.

All counselling is based upon building a trusting, respectful and professional relationship. Drawing on what happens between his client and himself fom moment to moment, a counsellor seeks to raise awareness of hidden strengths and assets, as well as long-standing habits and false beliefs that may be getting between you and a more fulfilling life.

In partnership we identify the beliefs and habits that do not serve you, and the sometimes hidden payoffs that help keep these habits in place. Together we find ways to develop new - and more creative  - ways of responding to life's challenges. We work to set yourself new goals, and put in place the strategies and actions 
which will make these goals achievable.

Counselling often starts with problems, but its focus sooner or later shifts to creating and maintaining well being. During the counselling process you rediscover, acknowledge and celebrate strengths you already have. You become more aware of new options, and access internal resources that were there all the time, waiting to be mobilised. You gain new perspectives and greater acceptance of yourself as you are.

Counselling is an opportunity for 'me' time, and takes place in a safe, supportive and completely confidential environment. If you feel ripe for change, and want to explore what counselling can do for you, call  Psychological Counselling Sydney or or email us to make an  appointment.

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